I’d Rather You Not Read This

The problem, you ask? There is this dire need in society to be “high standard”- to be an intelligent smartass, to be popular and own hi-tech and pricey assets. And you know what the bigger problem is? We idolize these people. From wearing what they wear, to walking their walk and talking their talk. We’re like pseudo clones of these people we call “celebrities”.

When we’re growing up, we want to be the school jock or the classy cheerleader. And as we age, everyone wants to be a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs. Why not be yourself? Why not use your own talent and your own potential to achieve greater heights in what we’re best. Why this constant need to shadow yourself with the achievers? Why not be one instead? Why not be the leader rather than a follower?

This is something I think of at times, and to be honest, I don’t really have an answer. Maybe we don’t have self-confidence. Or maybe we have an attachment with being the “next”. Whatever it is, it needs to be changed.

As far as I know, I’m going to be the first me. If not, atleast I’ll definitely try.
And this post made no sense. Wow, I need to find something to do.