What Real Fear Is

I’ve been shattered so many times before, that rather than fearing my own pain, I’m afraid of breaking other people.


Anger Issues

So I’m back with a post that makes me feel like a psych counsellor. Give me a break, now that I have a “Dr.” prefixed to my name, might as well act like a psychologist.

We humans experience a wide range of emotions. If we feel happiness, we’re happy, joyful, glad, ecstatic etc. When hurt, we feel pain, sorrow, depressed and so on and so forth. We have our own vocabularies to describe how we’re feeling at a certain point in time.

But what I’m going to talk about right now, is the one emotion which is responsible for a lot of trouble- Anger.
Me being somebody who has apparent “anger issues”, I feel the need to vent every now and then. Truth be told, whatever emotion it is, I feel passionately.

We hear people say, “Whatever is said in anger, is true”. But it is the same people who contradict themselves and tell you that you’re supposed to ignore everything said by somebody who is angry. Make up your minds, please.

Anger is one of the emotions I struggle with a lot. But let me tell you this- there’s ALWAYS underlying reasons for anger. Nobody has anger issues because they enjoy it. And I have my reasons, causes more likely. And with me it has a lot to do with the bullying in school, the trouble I face at home and currently at college, things I’ve written about in my previous posts. And I’m not ashamed to talk about it. If it’s there, it’s there.

Although I know the kind of anger I feel hurts the people I care about. Okay here, I’d like to point out that I’m only bothered about the people I care about. I can care less about anyone else. The rest I probably hurt on purpose. But whatever. I’m not writing this because I want to justify my anger. The reason I chose to write about this today is because I know that anger is dangerous- in one way or another. And other people who have been hurt over and over in their lives probably feel the same kind of rage as I do. Know this- Don’t be afraid to talk about it. Let people know they hurt you, let them know that they’re every bit responsible for how you feel as anybody else.

As far as things said in anger are true, I’d like to point out that that is not true. Maybe not always. I usually say stuff in order to piss the person in front of me off. Why should I be the only one feeling resentful/hurt/crazy? But when it’s not their fault, it’s not fair to them. And I know I’ve hurt a few people in particular I would never think of hurting intentionally, EVER.

Anger is an emotion which should be dealt with in a proper way.
Do us a favour in that regard- DON’T ask us to calm down. That just pisses us off more.
Don’t ask stupid questions- Bad decision.
If you can take it, let us vent. We’ll be back to normal and will be doing everything in our power to make it up to you in no time.

Know this- If somebody starts crying when they’re angry, they’re dealing with a LOT. Go easy on them.

The only way to resolve anger issues is by talking about it. I’m sorry, I wish there was another way but there isn’t. Nobody feels anger unless they have a driven reason. Help them out. Nothing like seeing a person happy.

I Don’t Expect You To Get This

She twirled inside an empty room
Her arms, extended, her eyes, closed.
Her face lifted towards heaven,
And her hands open.

She closed her palms,
And brought them closer to her chest,
As if she were clutching something with all her heart,
Not wanting to lose it.

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Tears streamed down her face,
And her lips curved into a smile.
And she let herself go,
Falling to the floor, wailing.

The girl was on her knees,
Her face buried in her hands,
As she sobbed uncontrollably,
But still smiling.

Lifting her face up, she wiped her tears.
Displaying a grin into the imaginary sky,
And beaming a laugh,
She thanked God for all that He had done for her.