Haters Gonna Hate

This post comes in after a lot of thought. And a LOT of personal experience. And definitely a lot of perseverance.
This post isn’t fictional. It isn’t inspirational. And not one of those feel-good ones.
This post is about people- Horrible, hurtful people.
And the city I’ve been a part of, for the past almost-eight years is FULL of them. And trust me it’s, for lack of better word, despicable.

Apart from hypocrisy, the other thing I can’t stand even one bit is the fervent desire for people to gossip- and not only stories- MADE UP stories, false allegations and truckloads of lies. In short, bullshit.
Initially, I had a lot of trouble adjusting to such stings, and I used to be depressed for months on end. But when I saw no sign of it stopping, I became ignorant of the blasphemy. Of course, when you hear new kinds of wonderful shit about yourself, one is bound to feel sad. Especially if the shit is stinky poo.

What these amazing, amazing people fail to understand is that what is simple “fun” talk for them, may be the reason why some people give up on themselves- families are ruined, lives are destroyed, irreversible damages are caused- but the stupidity goes on.

There have been multiple times when the offender has been approached and they chickened out because they didn’t really expect the person they were talking about to confront them face to face. And since they’re mostly lies, the offender usually ends up peeing his pants. True story that btw.

This post isn’t going to change anything. Quote James Franco from ‘The Interview’, “Haters gonna hate. Ainters gonna ain’t.”
But the truth is, this post is for those of you who have undergone/are undergoing such turmoil. Remember, if you’re right, you don’t have to prove anything. The people who matter will always be by your side. Just do yourselves a favour, confront the gossipers, and laugh over them running away with wet shorts. It will be worth it. Trust me on this one.
You can’t stop people from talking crap about you- these are the people who want to be as fabulous as you are, but can never be because let’s face it, they suck.
Constantly remind yourself that the people who indulge in this very amazing habit have a lot of lack in life. Or scratch that, they don’t have a life. They will pay for their sins one day. Have patience.

8 years down the line, and they still haven’t shut up.

What I’m trying to say is, lift your head up princess, your crown isn’t supposed to fall.