I Can’t Even.

The students of Aligarh Muslim University are well aware of the “event” that happened on the 12th of April 2015 at the Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology in the midst of their fest, ‘Paradigm’. And correct me if I’m wrong, but the authorities didn’t come forward and nullify the situation, thereby causing a louder uproar by the organizing committee (which obviously comprised of only students.)

It makes me sad that there are people here who have a problem controlling their tharki urges. I mean, really? Do you think passing comments on girls makes you super cool? If the answer to this question is yes, I’m sorry bro, but YOU’VE got a serious problem. 8 unfortunate years in this city, and I have only seen this problem grow. The youngsters, who pride themselves on being a “University Student” and use this to their bullying advantage everywhere have ZERO sense and even negative tameez.

The students of AMU love to throw the word tehzeeb around, particularly when it comes to one and ONLY one thing- socialization of boys and girls. And to top it off, any guesses on who is blamed for all the non tehzeeb-ness? Of course the female sex. The boys who love to fool around and act like immoral idiots are the same ones who put up public statuses on facebook regarding a girl’s “Hijab”. And below, I’d like to state an example which I came across-

“Wearing tight clothes isn’t Hijab
Using bad words isn’t Hijab…”

and something something.

Don’t get me wrong, I DON’T disagree with this. But boys, in the verse of the Quran where Allah has mentioned a woman’s hijab, a verse before, He has spoken about YOUR hijab. You want your wives to be full of modesty, but the last time you lowered your gaze was when you bent down to tie your shoelace. All I’m saying is, no point talking about the wrong in others. Correct yourself first.

On this note, a personal favourite hadith of mine:

“When Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) was travelling on the road with his cousin, Al-Fadl ibn Abbas, a woman stopped him to ask him a question. The woman was very beautiful, and Al-Fadl couldn’t help but stare at her.”*

Seeing this, Prophet Muhammad reached out his hand and turned his cousin’s face away.

”He didn’t tell the woman to cover her face.

He didn’t tell her to change her clothing.

He didn’t tell her that her appearance was too tempting or indecent.

He averted his cousin’s impolite stare instead.“

*Bukhari Volume 8, Book 74, Number 247

Going back to what happened, I can’t believe these same students acted like uncivilized hooligans, causing destruction of college property, owing to losses in the college. It is so tragic that I am a part of such an institution where more than half of the population doesn’t understand the concept of moral behavior- physical or verbal. It pains me to see this happen on an everyday basis. What’s worse is that when the sanctity of our university is questioned, they’ll hold dharnas and demand apologies. Hypocrisy EVERYWHERE.

To be very honest, my dislike for this city kept aside, I worry about the future of this previously prestigious university. With the kind of population that we have coming in, only God knows where we’ll stand a couple of years from now.

And Allah knows best.