If you can’t find the right words for a certain situation, just give that person a hug. Words have the potential to confuse, but hugs never lie.


For You, Beautiful


I know the world feels like a terrible place. I won’t lie to you- it is. The world can be mean. The world can be cruel. It can be heartless. It can be cold. But darling, you’re none of these things. And that’s why you feel the way you feel.

I know it seems like everything is wrong in your life. Everybody has problems, but not everybody makes them obvious. And I won’t lie- everybody has different levels of difficulties. But trust me- somebody else has it worse.

I know you think that you can’t deal with this. I won’t lie- it IS difficult. But believe me, you’re strong. And you can overcome it all.


My love, everything seems hopeless until you try. Have faith in the fact that everything happens for a reason.

Maybe your “friends” left you alone to teach you who friends really are.

Maybe your heart was broken because it was meant to be taken care of genuinely.

Maybe you lost your self-esteem because you were supposed to learn to appreciate yourself.

Maybe all of what hurts you, heals you.

For even wounds grow skin overtime.


Babe, you constantly call yourself worthless and ugly.

Be convinced by my words- You’re gorgeous. And you’re strong. You’re just a little lost.

Beauty isn’t measured by the color of your skin.

Your worth isn’t decided by the number of mistakes you’ve made.

For we’re only human, errors are forgivable. How we choose to mend our ways is what’s important.

I know you presume that degrees guarantee respect. They don’t. Your genuine-ness does. Your honesty does. Your heart does.

Surround yourself with people who care about you, who are plenty in number.

Let go of whatever hurts your soul.

You don’t need those medications.

You don’t require superficial acceptance.

You’re a wonderful human being. Believe that. Have hope in yourself. In your abilities.

Until you let go of the past, you will never progress into the future.



Feed your soul.

Appreciate your existence.

Dance until your legs hurt.

Laugh until you can’t breathe.

Chase your dreams.

Love yourself first.


You are so much more than you assume. Look past it, and you’ll see a whole new world.


Really Deep Sh*t

So I was out for brunch today with my sister. We went to subway to have “healthy” food and feel less crappy about eating outside.

We bought chicken ham and egg subs and cappuccinos when my sister said that she’d love to have a soda.

I walked up to their refrigerator and picked up a bottle of Sprite, which to my disappointment, wasn’t cold at all. Nonetheless, I took the bottle to my sibling.

Here’s the conversation that followed-

Me: It’s not cold at all.

Sister: Don’t expect to get cold sodas in winter.

Me: Why? Why the partiality? It’s not like we don’t get hot coffee or tea in the summer, do we?

Sister: …

Me: Wow, that was some really deep sh*t! I’ve gotta blog this!

And here I am. Unveiling my wisdom to all of you.

Don’t be cruel. Keep your sodas cool.


Seventeen degrees out.

You’re huddled in your blanket, on your phone.

Your head is pounding and your eyes hurt.

But you can’t be bothered with medication.

They never help, you think to yourself.

And your finger continues gliding over the glass.


Part of you hurts on the inside.

Part of the headache is because of the tears.

Your eyes burn when you close them,

Because of what you did a while back.

You cried.


You cried all alone.

You cried to yourself.

You cried because you were desolate.

Because you were sad.

Because you felt left out.


You cried because you had nobody to talk to.

And nobody to share your worries with.

Nobody who could show you a good time,

And help you forget what bothered you.

Even if temporarily.


You force yourself to get up.

And cup your face in your palms.

Breathing in, you consume the pain.

Breathing out, you let go.

You grab a bottle and drink some water.


What do you do then?

Do you feel bad?

Do you feel sorry for yourself?

Do you cry again?

Do you accept your situation?


The world is finite.

And so are people.

You may have a hundred friends.

But you’ll still feel lonely.

All that matters are the ones who really have your back.


Because without them, your world is bland.

Without them, you’re not yourself.

Without them, you’re forsaken.

Without them, you’re lost.