WOW. I’ve had quite a few people who were interested in participating in my bog series. Thanks a million, you guys! I even have a few entries (YAY). 😀


So let’s kick start the series shall we?


The very first entry I want on this is my girl best friend’s account.


Asma Khalid, or Amse as I like to call her, has been my friend for the past ~8 years (al7mdulillah). Fate, or mutual frenemies brought us closer together and we have been inseparable since! She’s a medical Intern in Calcutta, which means she’s miles away from me, geographically.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t find the time for bitch sessions and random foolishness. I love her, regardless of everything. She’s the one who knows all of my deepest, darkest secrets and all of my fears and all my flaws. She’s my person. ❤





10th February, 2015.


“There are a million more photographs which I love, but since you asked for it, this is the one which is my current favourite. It reminds me of that time when we were completely on our own, and completely together. Five days of pure friendship and gay abandon.”


Excuse the fact that I look like a cretin.


And I can’t wait to put up more of these!


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