Two steps.
He took two steps towards her.
She hung her head in gloom,
In misery.

Reaching his hand out,
He cupped her face,
And felt hot tears flow into his palm.
Grief was what she concealed.

Swinging the other arm around her,
He pulled her closer,
Embracing her,
Placing his chin on her head.

They stood there for an eternity,
Etching each other’s curves into their memories.
Afraid to let go,
Petrified of separation.

She lifted her head,
And what he saw was more beautiful than sunrise at the hills,
More mesmerising than the plush Ireland fields,
Her smudged kohl, around the circles of her eyes.

Those sparkling brown eyes,
Which he fell in love with,
The first day he lay eyes on her.
Picturing his entire life in those irises.

The lips he wanted to plant multiple kisses on,
Which distracted him whenever she would talk,
Or laugh with those straight set teeth,
Till her stomach hurt and she fell over.

Once on the right cheek,
Then on the left,
On her forehead, and on her nose,
He imprinted his lips.

He brought his mouth closer to her ear,
And whispered slowly,
“I will never give up on us. Ever.
You will always be mine. I promise.”