Two steps.
He took two steps towards her.
She hung her head in gloom,
In misery.

Reaching his hand out,
He cupped her face,
And felt hot tears flow into his palm.
Grief was what she concealed.

Swinging the other arm around her,
He pulled her closer,
Embracing her,
Placing his chin on her head.

They stood there for an eternity,
Etching each other’s curves into their memories.
Afraid to let go,
Petrified of separation.

She lifted her head,
And what he saw was more beautiful than sunrise at the hills,
More mesmerising than the plush Ireland fields,
Her smudged kohl, around the circles of her eyes.

Those sparkling brown eyes,
Which he fell in love with,
The first day he lay eyes on her.
Picturing his entire life in those irises.

The lips he wanted to plant multiple kisses on,
Which distracted him whenever she would talk,
Or laugh with those straight set teeth,
Till her stomach hurt and she fell over.

Once on the right cheek,
Then on the left,
On her forehead, and on her nose,
He imprinted his lips.

He brought his mouth closer to her ear,
And whispered slowly,
“I will never give up on us. Ever.
You will always be mine. I promise.”



She kept glancing at her watch

Time was running out

56 minutes and counting

Slowly ticking closer to 7.

She tried to get some sleep

But the knot in her chest rose 

Tugging at her heart 

Making her more vulnerable.

When he rang the doorbell

She knew that was it

He had come to say goodbye

To leave her by herself.

She raced to the door

And swallowed the lump in her throat

Greeting him with a bright smile

Although her eyes puffy, and her mind numb.

They sat down, her hands in his

He told her to be strong

Placing her face in his hands

She tried to hold back her tears.

She couldn’t.

She cried.

She cried because she loved him

She cried because he loved her

She cried because it was difficult

She wanted time to halt a little bit longer.

Lifting her face up

She noticed his eyes were wet too

But he said he was happy

Because their journey together was only starting.

The embraced for one last time before he left

Each trying to etch the other’s physicality into memory

The promises had been made

The vows were being fulfilled.

 A little while longer, they agreed

And then no more separation

As she walked him to the door

She looked at him.

And she knew.

He was the one.

Oh, man.

Since I’m home, it’s a Sunday tradition here to visit relatives.

I don’t understand why.

My Sunday’s get ruined.

I’m sleep deprived and surrounded by idiots.

I literally can’t even right now.
God help me.


Seventeen degrees out.

You’re huddled in your blanket, on your phone.

Your head is pounding and your eyes hurt.

But you can’t be bothered with medication.

They never help, you think to yourself.

And your finger continues gliding over the glass.


Part of you hurts on the inside.

Part of the headache is because of the tears.

Your eyes burn when you close them,

Because of what you did a while back.

You cried.


You cried all alone.

You cried to yourself.

You cried because you were desolate.

Because you were sad.

Because you felt left out.


You cried because you had nobody to talk to.

And nobody to share your worries with.

Nobody who could show you a good time,

And help you forget what bothered you.

Even if temporarily.


You force yourself to get up.

And cup your face in your palms.

Breathing in, you consume the pain.

Breathing out, you let go.

You grab a bottle and drink some water.


What do you do then?

Do you feel bad?

Do you feel sorry for yourself?

Do you cry again?

Do you accept your situation?


The world is finite.

And so are people.

You may have a hundred friends.

But you’ll still feel lonely.

All that matters are the ones who really have your back.


Because without them, your world is bland.

Without them, you’re not yourself.

Without them, you’re forsaken.

Without them, you’re lost.