Long time coming this one.

Was procrastinating earlier and then Ramadan happened. (On that note, Ramadan Kareem, everyone! 😀 )

Anywho, this post is from a senior of mine in dental school and possibly one of the sweetest people I know. Not only is she a good dentist, but she’s also a BRILLIANT artist. Check out her page here.




“So Agnes Cecile has always inspired me. This piece in particular makes me feel very calm. Its one of my favourites and I could stare at it for hours, kinda like meditation.”



I see what you mean, Rabab aapa. It’s a gorgeous work of art. The colours are so serene.



Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a little(ish) girl. And she was indifferent.

She loved it.

Nobody could bother her.

Or get on her nerves.

Or hurt her feelings.

Or annoy her.

Then one day, jealous of her contentment, an evil witch cursed her to feel.

And she did.

And she’s been struggling ever since.

She was affected by the tiniest of things.

The smallest of words.

The weirdest of situations.

And nothing she did, made her feel better.

No damned prince did, either.

So her battles she kept to herself.

Quiet. Still. Silent.


Hues of crimson
Patches of indigo
Spills of ruby
Tainted her exterior.

The warmth of the trickle runs across her arm
Turning course on her wrist
Winding around the curve
And finally falling off her thumb.

A sense of relief
Oceaned her sunken psyche.
Lungs expand
Air rushing in.

Beads of sweat birth
Her forehead shines in the dusk.
Her eyes flood
But she doesn’t blink.

She doesn’t feel grief.
She feels respite.
The blade sets her soul untaken.
She feels control.

Control on her life.
Control on her body.
Control on her mind.

She wants to escape.
Run free.
Run wild.

But a force chains her.
Chains her spirit.
Chains her will.

So she sits back.
And waits.
For courage to rescue her.


WOW. I’ve had quite a few people who were interested in participating in my bog series. Thanks a million, you guys! I even have a few entries (YAY). 😀


So let’s kick start the series shall we?


The very first entry I want on this is my girl best friend’s account.


Asma Khalid, or Amse as I like to call her, has been my friend for the past ~8 years (al7mdulillah). Fate, or mutual frenemies brought us closer together and we have been inseparable since! She’s a medical Intern in Calcutta, which means she’s miles away from me, geographically.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t find the time for bitch sessions and random foolishness. I love her, regardless of everything. She’s the one who knows all of my deepest, darkest secrets and all of my fears and all my flaws. She’s my person. ❤





10th February, 2015.


“There are a million more photographs which I love, but since you asked for it, this is the one which is my current favourite. It reminds me of that time when we were completely on our own, and completely together. Five days of pure friendship and gay abandon.”


Excuse the fact that I look like a cretin.


And I can’t wait to put up more of these!


I Need You!

Hey, you guys!

Okay, first of all, you’re downright AMAZING for reading my blog. It is because of supportive and encouraging people like you that I find myself building courage to expose my wound up feelings. So thank you, for everything.  (PS I LOVE YOU)

Second, now that you’re here, I need a favour.


I’ve been wanting to start a blog series titled “CATALYST” for some time now. I had asked people close to me in my life to send me pictures of whatever inspires them. It could be art, food, a family photo, a moment, abstract ANYTHING, and to give me a brief description about why that photo inspired them or made them happy.


But now, I want YOU to be a part of this. I want to get to know YOU, and if you’ll allow me, to share it with everybody else.

Those of you who are interested, my email is down below. Feel free to send in your entries, along with a brief description of yourself, and why your favourite photo is your favourite. 😀


Ask friends, family, everyone to join in. I’ll seriously appreciate it. 😀


PS: I can not wait to get to know you guys! xx

With every inch of her quivering fibre,

She fought back her tears.

Sorrow consumed her from the inside,

Her soul clenched with fears.


But through the night and day,

By rain, wind or shine,

The upward curve across her face

Made others’ days divine.



What about them?

They can be great.

They can be generous af.

They can make your world a much better place than the sobby shit you call your life.


But what is it about them that drives us insane, and not in a good way?


Men will demand your unwavering loyalty and faithfulness. (Why shouldn’t one?) BUT they will do sh*t to deserve it.


I mean, yeah, in the beginning it’s all lovey dovey and great. But as the years roll by and comfort sets in, they forget those little tokens of affection and appreciation which pulled you to them in the first place. I’m not talking grand af gestures, but the small act of just being there for her, GODDAMNIT.


They’ll pull this awesome af stunt where they’ll disappear on you for hours/days/weeks on end while you go through pulling your weight and facing everyday issues and GOD FORBID you call them and ask for much needed attention. They’ll shoot you down and ask you to “fucking understand”. They won’t appreciate your patience or acknowledge you and once you’re chill enough to deal with your crap, they’ll magically show up like a flippin genie and expect that everything go back to exactly what it was.


NEWSFLASH for you hoe, EXACTLY isn’t happening. Because the time when you were supposed to be listening to her fears, her concerns, you were too busy to even notice. And then came a new bitch in town to have her back- HER OWN FLIPPIN SELF!


Although, it doesn’t mean that she loves you any less. She’s just learnt to deal with the sh*t life throws her way, a little…differently.



Some men have the capability of being amazing husbands and great fathers, but the only reason a woman will walk out on him is when she has had enough of being taken for granted.


Bitches, take note.


*drops mic*