10 Questions Almost Every Hijabi Has To Answer

As a hijabi, we’re entitled to a lot of different things- The judgmental and unapologetic stares (of both non and other hijabis alike), new fashion statements (the HOOJAB YAY! For those of you who aren’t aware what the hoojab is, it is Amenakin’s signature hoodie+hijab. Y’all know Amenakin? The Youtuber? If you don’t, check her out this instant! But hold up. Finish reading this first.), our never ending battles with the weather and much much more.

But probably the most annoying of all the struggles are the ridiculous questions. I asked a few hijabi friends of mine what their experience in this particular field has been, and made a list of the weirdest questions people have ever asked.


Question Number 1:
“Are you bald?”

Uhhhh…no. I prefer not having bad hair days. Or maybe I am. But that’s for me to know and you to find out. HA! *clutches hijab and runs away*


Question Number 2:
“Don’t you feel hot in that thing?”

Not at all. I have miniature air conditioners installed inside this “thing”. It’s AMAZING!


Question Number 3- my personal favourite:
“Can you hear with your hijab on?”

Excuse me, what? I didn’t get that.


Question Number 4:
“How can you even wear that?”

Well. I start by placing it on my head and slowly wrapping…oh, that was rhetorical? Really? I thought you were being serious. My bad.

On that note, how can YOU wear THAT?? *point to UGGs*


Question Number 5:
“How does that stay on your head?”

Let’s just say I’m not pro-wardrobe malfunctions.

ninja irani

Question Number 6:
*in an examination hall* “Are you hiding anything underneath your hijab?”

Yeah. My brain. GUILTY!


Question Number 7:
“You probably don’t buy hair/head accessories, do you? Haha.”

Think again, girlfriend! *snaps finger*


Question Number 8- This one happens with us desis in desiland, more of a general idea rather than a question:
“She probably doesn’t know English, poor thing.”


student hijabi

Question Number 9:
“Are you comfortable?”

Not in your presence, no.


And finally coming to the big one and the most commonly asked one, the big one-oh,
Question Number 10:
“Why do you wear a hijab?”

I never have a satisfactory answer to this one for the masses, but let’s just say, I can if I want to and also because I’m FABULOUS!


Oh. And for those of you who really want to know, I’ll just let this sassy 17 year old answer your question.