Midnight Banter

Its 1:51 am. I’m doing what probably most of us are at the moment- staying up till suhoor. But as I while the time away going through my (numerous) social media accounts, I start to think about all the people I know, have known before and might know in the future insha’Allah. And what I realise, is, not surprisingly, astonishing to say the least.

Everybody we come across in life has their own story- their own problems, their own successes, their own hopes and dreams, their own failures, their own perfections and their flaws. So why is it that the first thing we do when we come to terms with someone is tag them?

True or false- we all hear stories, we all make judgements, we all assume. Is it fair when we ask the world not to do the same for us?

Why can’t people just be regular, clear, open people? Why can’t friends be friends? Why can’t family be family? Why is it that there is always a drape of pretend? Why do we pressurize ourselves to be different than we really are? Why is it that we are nice to people’s faces but mean behind their backs? Why do we talk about other people when we can talk about ourselves? Why do we hide behind lies when we can face the world with the truth?

How difficult is it to maintain relationships? Why are we so negative? Why is it that one pointless incident or argument causes oceanic rifts between people? Why do we give up on the ones we promised we wouldn’t? Why do we make friends our enemies? Why do we stop talking to each other? Why do we have to prove to the world how happy we are? Why do we feel the need to put on a show?

These questions sound like a lot, but they are what they are- Honest questions. Questions that should be asked- everyday. People are confusing. You never know what somebody is thinking about you. What’s sad is that the person who is sitting at the same table as you are, and is laughing their asses off with you might not be who they present to you. Maybe it’s all a façade. Maybe they’re just wasting time. On the inside, maybe they don’t like you as much. Maybe you’re an option. And this isn’t me exaggerating. This shit is real. This is the kind of shit I, and other people, go through on a daily basis. And you know what kind of people you have in your life when you’re depressed as hell, and you don’t know who to call. That’s when it hits you. That’s when you know.

Over time, you grow out of it- the fake friendships, the pointless people, the unnecessary drama. But unless you have somebody who is there for you through it all, you don’t really feel better, do you? Of course, sometimes we need only our own selves to help us through whatever. But most of the time, you need someone. Accept it or deny, reality will prevail. The pretenders will pretend, the selfish ones will be selfish, the real ones will stay real.

Above all, possibly the most important question that I ask myself right now is,

Why can’t people just be genuine?