Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a little(ish) girl. And she was indifferent.

She loved it.

Nobody could bother her.

Or get on her nerves.

Or hurt her feelings.

Or annoy her.

Then one day, jealous of her contentment, an evil witch cursed her to feel.

And she did.

And she’s been struggling ever since.

She was affected by the tiniest of things.

The smallest of words.

The weirdest of situations.

And nothing she did, made her feel better.

No damned prince did, either.

So her battles she kept to herself.

Quiet. Still. Silent.


I Need You!

Hey, you guys!

Okay, first of all, you’re downright AMAZING for reading my blog. It is because of supportive and encouraging people like you that I find myself building courage to expose my wound up feelings. So thank you, for everything.  (PS I LOVE YOU)

Second, now that you’re here, I need a favour.


I’ve been wanting to start a blog series titled “CATALYST” for some time now. I had asked people close to me in my life to send me pictures of whatever inspires them. It could be art, food, a family photo, a moment, abstract ANYTHING, and to give me a brief description about why that photo inspired them or made them happy.


But now, I want YOU to be a part of this. I want to get to know YOU, and if you’ll allow me, to share it with everybody else.

Those of you who are interested, my email is down below. Feel free to send in your entries, along with a brief description of yourself, and why your favourite photo is your favourite. 😀


Ask friends, family, everyone to join in. I’ll seriously appreciate it. 😀


PS: I can not wait to get to know you guys! xx